About Us

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Love Home Charity is a home for the disabled, the disadvantaged and mentally handicapped children. Established on August 30, 2018, we provide free care for children with disabilities, such as Down syndrome, emotional illness and autism, regardless of race and religion. Love Home Charity, a non-profit organization is located in KOTA DAMANSARA. Our centre provides a shelter and meals for children; a heartwarming home, love and assistance for disadvantaged people.

In the world filled of love, we see hope and receive love. We are hopeful that you can also give a little love and care to the disadvantaged. With your support, they will not feel lonely in their growing-up years.
维爱福利收容所成立 2018 年 8 月是位于 Kota Damansara 一家获得政府认证的非盈利机构。“维爱”秉着为弱势群体打造一个温暖的家园的信念。


“维爱”成立至今收养了不同程度的弱势群体其中包括自闭,犹豫和无法自理 病症等等。盼望大家能把身上的一点爱和关怀给予他们让他们感受这充满爱的 世界使他们不再孤单更勇敢乐观的生活。

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