What We Do

“No matter how bad the fate is, there is always hope in life.”

For the group of mentally handicapped children at Love Home Charity, no matter how bad their fate is, they’re still living with their pure and strong will. Their existence is a reminder to all of us how lucky we are! Their presence reminds us that blaming our lives is uncalled for, and that we should face everyday challenges positively.

Holding on to our maxim ‘Love Always Comes First, Let Love Fly’, we bring care and love to the mentally handicapped and the disadvantaged, who did not have a choice how they were born. However, with our help, we can improve their living conditions, help them to master some skills so they can live independently in the future.

With compassion and understanding, we are fully aware of the needs of the disadvantaged, and are determined to help them change their life journey.

We vow to do our very best to improve the lives of disabled people, and to spread the idea that these unfortunate people do need our attention, care and love.


维爱福利收容所的成立是秉持着“以爱为首 让爱飞翔”,希望把这份爱与关怀给予有需要帮助的弱势群体。虽然他们身上的缺陷无法改变,可是我们能够改善他们的生活,帮助他们找到自己的技能,让他们能够在未来生活得到自理能力。