Down Syndrome

People with down syndrome are slower paced in terms of muscle energy, cognition and language. By giving them extra time to adapt and learn, they can reach the goal they set out to achieve. With learning, they can communicate with others and live the same life as ordinary people. The characteristics of people with down syndrome include: squinty eyes, flat nose, short fingers, generally short with some suffering from obesity. People with down syndrome have a unique personality and thoughts, and love music and dancing. They have a pure and innocent nature, and like to imitate others. Down syndrome is not a disease, so it cannot be cured by medicine or surgery. With early and sufficient training, coupled with continuous learning opportunities, they too can grow up healthily and happily.




Mental Problems

People who suffer from mental problems have fantasies, unusual excitement, extreme mood swings, have a bee in one’s head woolgather, and can be self-abusive. To help them, one needs to have a great deal of patience, caring nature, and the ability to communicate and understand the person and the problems he or she faces. Mental problems are mainly due to external factors such as family and social environment, genetic makeup, nervous system, which come together to cause dysfunctional psychological activities and behaviors.


自闭症是发展、语言障碍,是由神经细胞紊乱影响脑补运作而引导的,在沟通方面和人际关系都有着障碍问题。在学习上缺乏专注力或是过度集中专注某事物,使他们经常无法记住一些他们需要牢记的事情。 因此可利用他们喜欢的食物来吸引他们的专注,或用作奖励,使他们按照指示去学习。有些自闭症会做出一些特别或过激的行为,例如:摇头、拍手、发出特别的声音等等。 在情绪方面,有时会哭笑无常,对一些小事或声音做出过激反应,也极少察觉别人的感受和情绪反应。


Autism is caused by developmental and language disorders due to a neurological problem that affects the brain. People who have autism have difficulties in communication and interpersonal relationships. Lack of concentration in learning or excessive concentration makes them unable to remember. Some of the ways to help them include using the food they like to increase their concentration, or using the food they like as a reward to follow the instruction. Some people with autism can behave in an erratic or extreme way, such as shaking their head, clapping their hands, making special sounds, and so on. When it comes to emotion, they can cry and laugh without any apparent reason. They might also have extreme reaction to minor matters or sounds, and can be ignorant to the feelings and emotion of others.